Journey to the Self | Transformational Retreat 

Join us at the ENRICH Retreat®

in Crete, Greece 


1-7 May 2023



Do You Want To Reconnect to Your Core And Rejuvenate Your Life-Force?

ENRICH Retreat® gathers a group of like-minded people in a paradise location to reconnect and rejuvenate the most important areas of their lives — body, mind and soul.

Organised by a team of experts in psychology, coaching and wellbeing; who will be there to guide you towards building and maintaining love-rich life.


The Goal: Help People Create Enriching Life Through Beautiful, Transformative Experiences

Bringing together world-class experts & facilitators to enhance all areas of your life, ENRICH Retreat® aims to create a global space and community to foster healthier relationships that will raise the human consciousness through neuropsychology, systemic leadership, and effective alignment of mind, heart, body and soul.

The Goal: Help People Create Enriching Life Through Beautiful, Transformative Experiences

Bringing together world-class experts & facilitators to enhance all areas of your life, ENRICH aims to create a global space and community to foster healthier relationships that will raise the human consciousness —
through neuropsychology, systemic leadership, and effective alignment of mind, heart, body and soul.

From intensive workshops to eye-opening sessions and unforgettable adventures, the ENRICH Retreat® program is carefully designed to detoxify, explore and align your mind, body, heart and soul.

Hosted By Soulful Doctors, Psychologists, Healers & Teachers

Led by Psychologist and Systemic Coach, Darya Haitoglou, ENRICH Retreat® features a team of instructors that range from doctors, psychologists, healers and teachers with a combined 100 years of experience in relationships, wellbeing, fitness, and spirituality.


We Want To Help Create More Love-Rich,
Blame-Free Relationships

Our Story

ENRICH Retreat® is the result of a collaboration between a group of holistic coaches, teachers, and healers who believe that energy-rich life is the key to achieving success and fulfilment, which will also ultimately facilitate greater empathy, symmetry and positive progress in a society.

A series of unique luxury retreats for high-performing individuals and couples who want to evolve further through thriving relationships.

Through its retreats and gatherings, ENRICH Retreat® strives to create a global community of awakened individuals who want to explore and nourish themselves and the lives they touch through holistic modalities — such as neuropsychology, systematic leadership and self-mastery…. to align the mind, body and soul.

Also, part of the proceeds will go to help create more love-rich and blame-free families and charity work with orphanages in Siberia and Nepal.

Our Mission

We want to help create more love-rich and blame-free families and individuals as a way to raise the consciousness of the planet. 

Our goal is to facilitate self-change, self-expansion, and self-expression as a way to empower love, trust, intimacy, confidence and empathy through systemic re-patterning to better enable tribe members to reach their maximum potential.

We believe that relationships — romantic, platonic, professional, and with the self — is the single most important factor of success, fulfilment, happiness and growth in humanity, and how we live, connect, communicate and contribute.

The ENRICH Method®

The retreat is based on Systemic Repatterning® stemming from the work of Virginia Satir and Bert Hellinger, and the ENRICH Method® designed by Darya Haitoglou, which was successfully applied with corporate and individual clients.

The system uses specific neuroscientific practices that focus on aligning the mind, the body, the soul and the heart to improve connection, communication, intimacy, and well-being in relationships, using the following elements:


Exploration is a key to human enrichment and understanding the type of relationships you invest in, so that you have a greater awareness of what works for your relationships and be able to set healthy behaviours and habits to grow them.


It’s important for you to nourish yourself in order to nourish your relationships. Nourishing your body via healthy practices, your mind with solid focus and conscious thoughts, your emotions with positive feelings, and your soul with gratitude and love will naturally help you give and receive better in relationships.


When stressful situations arise on a daily basis, the body becomes polluted with cortisol, the stress hormone, which can negatively affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Learning how to respond instead of reacting allows you to be mindful, and effectively communicate and take action.


Imagination is stronger than willpower, enabling desired outcomes effortlessly and consistently. Exercising positive imagination, compassion and mindful meditation will enhance the creation of new neuro-pathways to help you ENRICH yourself and your relationships, and enhance the quality of your life.


Learning to communicate effectively is paramount in establishing fruitful relationships in life. Practicing simple strategies for clear, concise, loving and caring communication would allow for love-rich connection and help improve create or instil peace within as well as reduce tension and between your family members and at work.


(and Humour!)

Physical affection is vital to human enrichment. Hugging is a simple act of connection that facilitates bonding. In families, if you doubled the amount of hugs you could halve the amount of anger.

Laughter (and the ability to see the humour in situations) can be as important to dissipate tensions, aggressions, depressions and jealousy.

As Seen In



“It’s been enriching on so many different levels; from the relationships made to the new friendships fostered, the whole experience has been very nourishing.”

Deena El-Shirbiny

Doctor, NHS

“The retreat has been eye-opening, life-changing, and a surprise – I’ve never done this type of event before, but it was amazing to watch it unfold for other people, as well as for me as well. I wouldn’t want to give too much away and spoil the surprise.”

Cindy Tonnesen


“The event gave me a perfect opportunity to interact with people from different regions and cultures. This new experience combined with Greek hospitality and coziness of Mykonos was as enlightening as it was energizing.”

Vladimir Konovalov

Managing Director, RUSNANO

“I’ve been to many seminars and workshops around the world but the Enrich Retreat was the most transformative experience that I’ve ever had. The systemic part worked like magic as I received answers to my deep questions about my family and parents without knowing how it happened. Everyone who wants to bring more real love, abundance and flow in their life needs to go through this experience. It’s life-changing.”

Kristjan Kann

Entrepreneur, Estonia, BlissTray

“It’s been incredibly heart-opening. It’s helped me recognise that I don’t want to just keep repeating the past and watch the same dynamics play out, but instead I am actually ready to step forward and try something new.”

Kristina Mc Fadded

Art Director , Cognizant

“The Enrich retreat offered unique insights into how aspects of personality and habit are unknowingly influenced through lineage and imprinting. Bringing those items to the surface was revelatory for many and fascinating for all. The organisation and energy of participants throughout the retreat was first class, all wonderfully weaved together by the magical Darya and supported by host of others. In short: unforgettable.”

Leon Hady

Founder, Guide Education

“I decided to attend Enrich Retreat in between a lot of busy work as an entrepreneur and creative coach, working myself with different forms of systemic coaching. I am amazed by the experience and knowledge Darya has shown, and in a very pragmatic way.

Energy work was introduced without raging sceptical reactions and she was able to make the group as one in a very natural and fast way. I have never experienced anything like this, especially when the themes and issues raised were sometimes quite heavy.

It was one big learning and mirroring experience, and has allowed me to open myself more each day. Also, we attended workshops from top professionals in the afternoon putting aside the quality of teachers, the location itself is a five star resort, and the social happenings made it an an incredibly valuable experience – with high-achievers in all walks of life in attendance.”

Bas Filippini

Founder and Chairman, Privacy First

“As both a workshop facilitator and an attendee, I found Alex and Darya’s commitment to creating a rich experience for all UNMATCHED! From every planning detail to actual execution, they were both exact, and flexible when needed. The biggest win was the lifelong friends we made with such high quality game-changers!”

Shai Fisherman

Direct Marketing Entrepreneur

“The enrich retreat is whole food for mind, body and spirit. It is a dynamic investigation of the most fundamental part of human life: relationships.

The workshops are a testament to the power of experiential learning and Darya’s masterful skill as a facilitator. It is incredibly empowering to experience how as individuals we can shift dynamics based on how we position ourselves in our relationships and how much we allow ourselves to empathize, act compassionately and forgive.

Every moment of the retreat confirmed for me that one’s healing is not abstract, out there, or in the hands of another person. Darya, and the incredible community formed during the retreat, showed me that healing is a choice to acknowledge that we have a choice. If you can choose to participate in one of Darya’s Enrich retreats, it will be one of the most loving acts you can do for yourself.”

Jessica Kain

Founder, Marpha Foundation

  • Ways to rejuvenate, detoxify and be in the flow without guilt or emotional baggage
  • Understand the beliefs that have shaped you and begin to redefine them so that you only live by beliefs that will serve you and empower your purpose
  • Communication skills that will help you build greater trust and authenticity with your current or future partner
  • Find the courage to truly commit, connect, show up and be vulnerable in a relationship
  • Practical tools, methods, and wellbeing techniques to build self-confidence, self-love and self-care
  • How to apply your individual growth and values into collaborative challenges and situations for collective growth
  • Connect with a tribe of like-minded souls whose mission and purpose align with yours

Daily Agenda

In six days, under the teaching and guidance of relationships and wellbeing experts — you will access daily powerful sessions, effective workshops, and beautiful experiences.

These will provide you with the applicable tools, techniques, and practices to empower, engage and ENRICH you in the following categories:

Heart — To help you be more open-hearted, and encourage you to always come from a place of love, and help you overcome any issues with emotional intimacy or repression.

Body — To help you nourish yourself and detox your body, manifest love physically, have a fulfilling intimate life, and be able to bond with those close to you.

Mind — To help you master your thoughts positively and create healthier beliefs so that you have the confidence and security to communicate and thrive.

Soul — To add authentic purpose and deeper connection you build so that you give, receive, grow and experience life in the most fulfilling way possible.

All while you rejuvenate, detoxify and enter a state of flow in a paradise location.

The program is subject to change and we will reveal the detailed itinerary with our attendees closer to the event, but in the meantime, here’s a summary of your ENRICH experience and its daily themes:

Day 1: 


Cultural Day (Explore Crete)

17:00 The Welcome Ceremony: Be introduced to your experience for the next five days and the values, principles, and intentions that you will practice at this retreat.
Exploration Dinner: Get to know each other and the ENRICH Tribe, with fun and insightful activities.

Day 2: 


Yoga Class 
Morning Session: Validation for Life — Confidence, Presence, Flow.
Afternoon Session: Holistic Nourishment: tools and techniques how to nourish, detox and rejuvenate your body and mind.
Private Sessions

Day 3: 


Yoga Class
Morning Session: Systemic Repatterning
Afternoon Session: Experience effective tools and techniques on how to respond rather than react in your relationships, and how to live an authentic life.
Private Sessions

Day 4: 


Yoga Class
Morning Session: Systemic Repatterning
Afternoon Session: The Power Of Your Imagination. The Family Reconstruction Process.
Private Sessions

Day 5: 


Yoga Class
Morning Session: Somatic Communication Patterns
Afternoon Session: Detox Your Communication — Effective Tools For Life.
Private Sessions

Day 6: 


Yoga Class
Morning Session: Integration & Systemic practice — Parts’ Party
Gala Dinner: Celebrate your final evening at ENRICH Retreat in a dream-like, magical setting together with your tribe, with which you have shared an unforgettable experience.

ENRICH Retreat® 2023 Facilitators & Instructors

ENRICH Retreat® will be hosted by a team of leading experts in the field of relationships, coaching, wellbeing and spirituality; ranging from doctors and psychologists to healers and teachers with a combined 100 years of experience and practice.

Darya Haitoglou

Systemic Psychologist and Award-Winning Relationship Coach, Co-Founder of Enrich Global

Darya is a director of the Institute of Virginia Satir in the UK. An avid student of humanity, she supports people from all walks of life through transformational workshops inspired by the work of Virginia Satir (the ‘Mother of family therapy’). Darya holds a First Class Honours in Economics, Masters’ in Psychology, and a Master’s in Philosophy from Cambridge University. Darya is also a certified NLP trainer, an ICF-certified coach, and an experienced strategic intervention facilitator. 

Alex Haitoglou

Inspirational Leader & Facilitator of Change, Co-Founder of Enrich Global

Alex’s passion is to help people transform their lives and follow their dreams. Ex-top executive in a large UK company and a certified NLP trainer, he holds the belief that it is the people that make businesses ethically successful. An advocate of direct communication and exploration of our personal limitations to reach for the higher and more meaningful purpose in life, Alex is also husband and soul-mate to Darya. This makes him a willing test subject – he might say a guinea pig – for practically all new and wonderful relationship tools that Darya teaches, as well as some that don’t go any further than experimentation. Alex loves the sea and is a qualified skipper, hence is looking forward to welcoming people in the beautiful island of Crete.

Kat Chu

Holistic Body-Worker, Chinese Medicinal Healer

Kat is the 4th generation Chinese medicinal healer, born into a legacy of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Her family originate from Canton in Southern China, but her grandparents moved to Singapore during the war. After receiving the BSc degree from Lincoln University, and training with experts in the field, she has spent her life building one of the UK first community multi-bed acupuncture clinic.

Kat also volunteers for the Healing Hands network, offering support to those who are suffering from the mental, physical and emotional effects of war. She has travelled to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina healing people suffering after-effects of the Balkan War.

Magali Mazzei

Holistic Body-Worker, Ayurveda Alchemist

Magali is the founder of LYLIS© and the expert in the Indian science of life Ayurveda (Ayus=life / Veda=science). The certified Vedic Master Educator and Yoga teacher (RYT500) takes you on a sacred journey into the royal path of yoga science, the quintessence of all the yoga paths. A unique immersion to Self-realization through the senses and the field of frequencies that we are made of.

Magali has worked with influencers, celebrities and royalty providing exclusive and holistic support to create sustainable impact in their lives and lives of people they touch.

Adam Barley

Movement Facilitator, Journey-DJ, and creator of ZeroOne movement practice

Adam began exploring contemplative and dynamic practices in the early ’80s, training with Gabrielle Roth in the ’90s to teach the 5Rhythms and becoming one of her most experienced practitioners, then launching his own movement practice ZeroOne in 2019.

With ZeroOne, he is integrating a huge range of influences from four decades of study in movement, dance, music, voicework, meditation and therapeutic techniques. He has pioneered the development of his Deep Focus work over 20 years, using movement to navigate specific life-issues. 

Adam has got people moving more freely and breathing more deeply in businesses, schools, prisons, Balinese dojos and windswept mountain tops, as well as open studios for the public in over 25 countries, creating inspirational transformative experiences for individuals and groups. 

Prices & Packages


SAPPHIRE Premium Includes:
6 nights in a premium hotel room
Welcome Dinner 
Gala Dinner 
6-day Transformational Retreat


6 nights in a luxury hotel room (sea view delux room with individual pool)

VIP Dinner & Boat Cruise

3 Private Sessions

6-day Transformational Retreat



SAPPHIRE Premium Includes:
6 nights in a premium hotel room
6 Breakfasts
6-day Transformational Retreat


6 nights in a luxury hotel room (sea view delux room with individual pool)

VIP Dinner & Boat Cruise

3 Private Sessions

6-day Transformational Retreat 

Refund Policy

We understand that to commit to joining ENRICH Retreat® 2023, you need to plan your travels, take time off of work, and make changes in your schedule.

That’s why every ENRICH Retreat® ticket comes with a generous refund policy: a full refund can be granted up to 30 days after your purchase*.

Alternately, you can transfer your ticket to the next ENRICH Retreat® or send a family member in your place; provided they qualify.**

*A refund is only eligible if you purchase your ticket up to 8 weeks before the event. Tickets purchased less than 8 weeks before the event are not eligible for a refund.

**All transfer requests must be made at least 6 weeks prior to the event, can be transferred only once to the next event, and are non-refundable. Should you need to transfer your event ticket to another ENRICH Retreat®, additional fees may apply depending on location and tiered ticket pricing. Tickets are not for re-sale.

Will dinners/evenings be organised?

We will organise two dinners (a Welcome Dinner and a Gala Dinner), for which we may ask you to bring special outfits.

On other evenings, you are free to connect with fellow attendees, explore the island or attend optional masterclasses from fellow members of the ENRICH tribe.

What if we want to stay longer or come earlier to the retreat?

If you wish to stay at the same hotel, we are happy to help negotiate a good deal on your behalf, but please let us know at least 3 months in advance.

What are the differences between VIP and Premium tickets?

VIP tickets include a different upgraded room, a special VIP dinner and an exclusive boat cruise as well as private sessions with some of the speakers and facilitators.

What if I can’t make it for the whole week?

We want to make sure that you get the most out of this experience, but we do understand that we all have responsibilities to attend to and lives to lead — so will try to adjust your experience. Please let us know what is possible for you and we can suggest the best way to for you to attend the retreat.

Can I bring my kids?

This time you can! Crete is great to be explored as a romantic holiday or a family visit. There is a kids club on the property of the hotel and we welcome you to organise your family visit with the hotel directly mentioning that you are coming with the ENRICH retreat group.

Do I need a visa for Greece?

Greece is part of the Schengen Zone. Please refer to Greek consulate in your country for visa requirements.

What do I need to take with me?

We will send you packing instructions closer to the retreat and announce the items that we would like you to bring.

Can I contact you if I have other questions?

Sure — you can email us at or drop us a message via our Facebook page 🙂

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