2 sets of Enrich Cards


Enrich Cards® is a set of inspirational cards with beautiful images, powerful words and quotes – each card represents the ENRICH® philosophy; Explore, Nourish, Respond, Imagine, Communicate and Hug & Humour.

From daily inspirations and visualisation boards to finding your strengths and sharing your life story – the cards offer a new way to communicate effectively and live authentically every day. Enrich Cards ® is a great tool for coaches, educators, healers, trainers, managers, parents and psychologists to help ‘bridge’ the conscious and unconscious states of mind and help you move closer towards your dreams through daily enrichment.


“I’m a huge fan of the Enrich cards as they help me to reflect, refocus and steer me in the right direction whenever I need a bit of guidance in life. The first time I used them I was blown away by how they captured how I was feeling at the time and how I was feeling about the future. It was almost like the cards had a sixth sense as how I felt was brought to life through them. I would highly recommend using them to help anyone who appreciates taking the time to reflect and refocus.” – Sarah Crawley

“I think they’re really lovely – great size and finish, and it’s really nice to have the quote as well as the image and word.

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the Enrich cards! They are brilliant! I have picked 5 per week and have built a house as you suggested. They have inspired me and have helped me to focus my mind on the important things I want to achieve at work and in my personal life. After a few days of playing with them my body urged me to go for a run, which I haven’t done in ages!!!! I thought of sharing this with you just to show you how much it has impacted me!!! Thank you so much and am looking forward to our next enrich circle!” – Nilma Griffith

“I love using the Enrich cards. They are a wonderful tool to gain clarity, insights and new perspectives. The designs are beautiful too, every house should have a set” – Lisa Spencer-Arnell 


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